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It’s a difficult situation to consider, but the reality of the world we live in is that active shooter insurance is a viable option. The number of mass shooting events increases every year. 370 incidents have been reported in 2016, a 47% increase from 2014. You never know where or when an attack might happen, and it’s best to protect your company if the unthinkable should happen.

While companies are exploring the option of getting active shooter insurance, insurance brokers are reviewing gaps and grey areas in the coverage offered by current policies. Sometimes there is so much confusion over coverage that companies are left in a lurch when tragedy strikes. Organizations could be liable for more than just initial expenses. Families of shooting victims often seek settlements well into the millions. There are also business Interruption costs, Third Party Liability, property damage, emotional counseling, funeral costs and heightened security measures that frequently are not covered by standard policies.

Active shooter insurance is useful because it provides crisis management services and helps companies plan and prepare for these types of events and leave no room for ambiguity. To learn more about active shooter insurance, click below to download our FREE EBOOK, “Buyer’s Guide: Active Shooter Insurance”.

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