Crisis Management (Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Insurance)

McGowan’s Crisis Management (Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Insurance) provides 1st dollar victim coverages (medical, counseling death benefits), liability protection, business income and extra expenses due to acts of workplace violence and deadly weapon attacks. The program considers all classes of business, including but not limited to government agencies, education, religious institutions, hospitality, entertainment, retail, and public entities. The program also covers a wide range of attack-types, such as knife, explosives and vehicular attacks, rather than solely deadly attacks committed with a firearm.

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Who Will Help the Victims?

McGowan explains how the insurance industry is answering the question, “Who Will Help the Victims?” in the wake of recent Active Shooter Workplace Violence events.

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Product Details


We will consider all classes of business, here are some examples:

  • Education, Religious, Retail, Entertainment, Hospitality, Lodging, Healthcare, Public Entities (County, Cities, Townships)


  • A.M. Best “A” XV Rated Carriers
    • US Domestic and Lloyds of London Cover Holder


  • All 50 States – global offsite coverage can be included


  • Victim Coverages: $1MM – $100MM
  • Primary Liability: $1MM – $100MM
  • Business Income and Extra Expense: $1MM-$100MM


  • Victim Coverages:
    • Providing Critical victim benefits to employees / guests visitors students for Medical Care / Trauma Counseling / Rehabilitation Expenses / Loss of Income
    • Death and Disability Benefits / Funeral and Burial Expenses
  • Primary 3rd Party Liability Coverage, for lawsuits arising from Workplace Violence /Active Shooter / Deadly Weapon Events.
  • Primary 1st Party Business Interruption and Extra Expense Coverage
  • No Exclusion for Vehicles / Employees / Terrorism / under 3 casualties / over 50 casualties
  • No required deductibles or retentions and we now provide coverage for traveling off site employees.
  • Business interruption coverage is included in the policy form for the ongoing operating expenses until the business can resume operations
  • Extra expense coverage for the business / insured related to:
    • Hiring of Additional Staff /Public Relations Counsel/Crisis Management Consultant expenses/Temporary Security Measures/Social Media Monitoring


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