Property Managers Insurance

Property managers face special challenges due to the unique nature of their job. From wrongful evictions to tenant discrimination to resident injury, property managers need protections in the face of increased litigation and the troubles that can bring.

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Property Managers Insurance Application

Property Managers Insurance Brochure

Property Managers Insurance Highlight Sheet

Product Details


  • Property Managers
  • Community Association Managers
  • Property Preservationists


  • Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance: Up to $5MM/$5MM


A.M. Best Admitted “A” Rated Carrier / Admitted Paper


Nationwide except in Alaska and Hawaii


  • Claims-Made Policy Form
  • Incentive for Early Claims Resolution
  • Expert Witness Coverage
  • Deductible Reduction Included
  • 60-Day Extended Claims Reporting Period (After Policy Expiration)
  • Unlimited Defense Costs & Expenses Available
  • Broad Definition of “Professional Services”
  • Broad Definition of “Insured” (Includes “Spouse” or “Domestic Partner”)
  • Management of Owned Property Coverage (Up to 100%)
  • Confidential Risk Management Hotline – Complimentary
  • Retiree, Death, or Disability Extended Claims Reporting Period Included
  • Optional Consequential BI/PD Coverage
  • Failure to Place and/or Maintain Insurance
  • Cyber First Party Coverage Included
  • Full Limits Fair Housing Coverage Available
  • Up to $1MM in Pollution Coverage
  • Up to $1MM in Mold Coverage
  • Bookkeeping Services Coverage Included
  • Owner’s Representation Coverage Available
  • Disciplinary Proceedings Coverage Included
  • Crisis Event and Reputation Protection Included
  • Subpoena Assistance Included


Just as in any field, mistakes can be made, whether something is filed incorrectly or isn’t fixed properly. As a professional service, property managers can be held liable for their mistakes in court. There are a few ways that a property manager can protect themselves from the financial burdens of litigation and McGowan is here to help you sort through all your options. Protect yourself and your business before something goes wrong.