FREE White Paper: Senior Care’s Emerging Threats

As people enter into their golden years, they should be able to put aside the myriad risks that have been threatening them their entire life. This is a time for making joyful new memories and reflecting on those thoughts of a life well-lived.

Unfortunately, senior care facilities and the elderly individuals who reside there are facing new risks that have the potential to jeopardize both the financial security these residents have spent a lifetime building as well as their personal safety. From cyber attacks and data breaches at senior living communities to the emerging threat of incidents involving deadly weapons and/or an active shooter, the sad fact is that retirees need enhanced protections now more than ever.

Although it’s virtually impossible to predict every potential disaster or catastrophe, there are several preventative measures that senior care facilities can implement to reduce the immediate impact and eventual fallout from a data breach or an intruder with a deadly weapon. No one wants to consider the worst-case scenario, but it’s necessary to truly protect the senior care facility and its residents.

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