A security system is one way to minimize a restaurant's losses due to robbery.

Restaurant Robbery: How Are You Protecting Your Business?

Consider these ways of preventing robberies and reducing the consequences when a crime does occur.

According to the FBI, there were 327,374 robberies in the U.S. in 2015, leading to an estimated $390 million in losses. Restaurants are particularly vulnerable to these types of crimes, so it’s essential for owners and managers to take steps to head off threats to their establishments. The right precautions can reduce the chances of dangerous incidents and damaging long-term results for businesses.

Robbery, meaning taking money or property through force or intimidation, is a constant concern for restaurants. Criminals often see these businesses as particularly vulnerable, since they are welcoming to the public and at times may have large amounts of cash on hand. Consider these ways of preventing robberies and reducing the consequences when a crime does occur.

Install security systems

“Talk with local law enforcement about minimizing your risk.”

Having adequate safeguards in place could make a tremendous difference in avoiding a robbery and dealing with the aftermath. Talk with local law enforcement about the best ways to minimize your risk. They may be able to warn you of particular dangers so you can be proactive about fending off robbery, vandalism and other crimes on the premises.

One way of protecting the business by strategically situating security cameras so they can capture what happens in key locations, such as by the cash register, at the entrance and near any particularly valuable inventory. Along with documenting any questionable behavior by employees or patrons, the cameras are an important deterrent for illegal activities, demonstrating to individuals contemplating a criminal act they will likely be tracked and arrested.

An alarm can also serve to deter criminals as well, in addition to getting help on the scene as quickly as possible. Post signs indicating the presence of the security system, so they are aware that police will be notified immediately in case of robbery or any other illicit acts. A notice of limits on the amount of money employees have access to could also limit their exposure to danger.

Train employees to keep themselves safe

When workers don’t know how to react in case of a robbery they can worsen the hazards to themselves and the business. Offering extensive training in managing these situations is a way of protecting your employees as well as the reputation and liability risks of the restaurant. Preparation starts with establishing clear procedures for opening and closing the establishment for the day and ensuring no one is ever there alone.

The workers must be educated in precisely what steps to take if they find themselves threatened by a robber. The most important thing to emphasize is that, no matter how much cash is in the register, it is never worth putting themselves at unnecessary risk by resisting the criminals. Rather, they should cooperate fully while taking note of any identifying features that could help in catching the culprits and then immediately contact the police.

Take precautions to keep your restaurant safe.Take precautions to protect your restaurant from robbery and other dangers.

Insure your business

One of the best ways you can prevent long-term problems for a restaurant as a consequence of robbery is by taking out a restaurant insurance policy that includes coverage for crime. The business is in a far better position to recover from a trying situation if it is secured against the losses from the robbery and any associated property damage. Meanwhile, managers and owners should be secured against losses due to liability.

McGowan Program Administrators write policies made for the unique risks of restaurants. Restaurant packages include general liability limits of up $2MM, liquor liability of $1MM and property liability limits as high as $5MM. With the “Power of the Pen,” fine dining, casual, and franchise restaurants, as well private clubs and bars, can find coverage that suits their specific needs.

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