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Four Ways to Learn About Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance

McGowan Program Administrators is the hub for fantastic resources on Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance. We’ve put together four ways that you can learn aboutActive Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance, featuring some of our best and most popular resources.

  1. Listen to our recent Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance Presentation: Just because you missed the webinar doesn’t mean that you can’t listen and learn from it! This webinar, entitled Active Shooter Workplace Violence Deadly Weapon Insurance Programs, will explain our programs in detail. The password used to access the recording of the webinar is: AS/WPV-Dec12
  2. Download the Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance Buyer’s Guide: One of our most popular downloads, the Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance Buyer’s Guide goes over the basics of active shooter/workplace violence insurance coverage, why standard liability coverage isn’t good enough, and the possible litigation and liabilities a company could face after an active shooter/workplace violence scenario.
  3. View the six-part Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance Video Series: Short on time? Then you’ll like our quick Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance Video Series. Each video recaps important aspects of Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance, and is led by Paul Marshall, the head of the Active Shooter/Workplace Violence program at McGowan.
  4. Join our next Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Webinar: Each month McGowan holds a free Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Webinar, which is open to brokers and agents who wish to learn more about Active Shooter Insurance. We’d also love for you to reach out with any questions you might have. Please direct all questions and inquiries to Paul Marshall by emailing or by phone at 937-241-6423.

Although it’s a difficult subject, it’s important for businesses to consider Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance. It seems like each day new active shooter/workplace violence scenarios are reported, and in order to ensure coverage, extra insurance is worth considering. Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance can cover all the gaps and grey areas that exist in standard coverage insurance. If you have any questions about active shooter/workplace violence policies, the resources listed are a great place to research. We’d also love for you to reach out with any questions you might have using our form.

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