5 Reasons for Internal Restaurant Safety Audits

restaurant audits

Every time a new food safety regulation is implemented, time-consuming procedures and compliances seem to follow. Before you know it, all of the new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Prerequisite Programs (PRPs) are overwhelming. The reality is you cannot wait until the last hour to prepare for an assessment. Remaining compliance is impossible without a […]

4 Benefits of Using Third-Party Delivery Services for Restaurants

third-party food delivery man on bicycle

Restaurant delivery is on the rise. People will always enjoy going to a restaurant, but today, more than ever before, the public places orders for delivery.  Third-party delivery is rushing through the restaurant industry. Restaurant business said 21 percent of consumers are increasing carryout orders with delivery orders. Among 18-34-year olds, 30 percent have replaced carryout with delivery. […]

How to Respond When Someone Sues Your Restaurant

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No one expects to get sued, and many business owners don’t have a response plan. The first steps you take after getting served with lawsuit papers are very important. Doing the right thing can ultimately make a difference in the outcome of the lawsuit. Restaurant owners are exposed to many types of lawsuits — there […]

The Hidden Liabilities of Pay-to-Play Laws and End-of-Shift Drinks

bartender pouring cocktails

Liquor liability and dram shop laws offer plenty of liability exposure for restaurant owners when it comes to serving alcohol. But pay-to-play laws and end-of-shift drinks expose restaurant owners and managers to additional liabilities for which they may be less prepared. Becoming familiar with pay-to-play regulations and the risks of offering end-of-shift drinks is an […]

Hidden fire hazards to avoid in restaurants

demolished restaurant

While any structure or business is susceptible to fire, restaurant owners have more to worry about than most. Restaurant fires are destructive, costly, and many establishments don’t survive a fire loss. During a four-year study by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there were 7,640 structural fires in dining and drinking establishments. These fires caused […]

How Restaurants Can Make Disability Accommodations for Staff and Patrons

empty wheelchair

A great restaurateur knows how to accommodate guests, including guests with disabilities. More than 19% of the American population is disabled. At any time, a customer or employee may seek accommodation from your establishment. Knowing how to respond—and even to anticipate their needs—is imperative. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects the rights of people with […]