Amusement Park Signage: Safety Informed by Theme

How do amusement parks differentiate themselves? The most obvious answer is through their rides and attractions, which often become the focal point for advertising and branding. However, a more overlooked aspect is amusement park signage. That’s because amusement parks flourish and falter by the strength of their themes. From the wide cast of well-known characters […]

Amusement Park Innovation: The Many Applications of RFID wristbands

Amusement parks must continuously innovate if they are to surprise and delight guests. From taller rollercoasters to expanded food menus, every aspect of a park needs examination and improvement year over year. One notable innovation making waves in the amusement park industry is wearable technology. Virtual Reality headsets are an obvious example in parks such […]

The Need for Sustainable Amusement Parks

Consumers are increasingly driving the conversation around sustainability, making choices based on their morality. For the attractions and tourism industry, the demand is clear. According to the 2022 Sustainable Travel Report, 53% more travelers are determined to make sustainable choices than in 2021. Amusement parks can take steps to deliver a sustainable experience across planning, […]

Protect Your Youth Sporting Event with Cancellation Insurance

When planning any event, certain things are outside the organizer’s control. The same is true for youth sporting events. Large, non-refundable deposits are often on the line, and organizers are rightfully concerned about what will happen to funding if an event is canceled at the last moment. Event Cancellation Insurance offers a safeguard against potential […]

Augmented and Virtual Reality Amusement Parks: The Future of Thrills?

Amusement parks are always looking for new ways to thrill their guests. That might have meant animatronics and boat rides in the past, but today, the digital world is becoming a significant player in our entertainment. The reality is that the digital world is increasingly blending with our real world. Augmented and virtual reality (AR […]

Keeping Your Amusement Park Accessible and Compliant with ADA Guidelines

Accessible amusement parks enable everyone to have a great experience—including people with disabilities whose trips might be spoiled by inaccessible rides. Families often plan vacations around accessibility options of parks to ensure their kids’ needs are met. Not only are inaccessible rides and parks disappointing, but they also violate federal compliance laws. That means amusement […]