Welcome to SmarterFORM®

Cross-platform Application Overview

The newest digital insurance application is the first application engineered to be used on any workstation, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other mobile devices. The innovative SmarterFORM® delivers application, quote, credit card information payment and workplace exposures bound policy on any mobile or desktop device. Profitably transact business on smaller accounts and serve your clients better, on the devices they prefer.

  • They are links. You can turn your website into a portal by simply hyperlinking these to text or images on your website.
  • You can email or text the links.
  • The technology is cross platform but was specifically designed to be used on a tablet or smartphone. This is the first insurance application in the industry using this technology.
  • It can be hyperlinked to a QR code and read with a smartphone. You can add these QR’s to printed documents or even posters or displays you would use at a booth at a convention.
  • It is absolutely branded to you. You receive the commission any time somebody uses this application.
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How to Use the SmarterFORM® Online Application

View a one-minute overview video of this unique cross-platform application that can deliver a PDF bound policy in less than five minutes from online payment.

play smarterform demo

Try the SmarterFORM® Online Demo

This link will launch an online sample of this innovative onscreen application form that can be filled out on any device and generate a sample policy reply.