Welcome to Market Direct SmarterFORM®

Introducing Market Direct SmarterFORM®

MPA now offers a unique business opportunity to brokerages and agencies looking to build their books of business without increasing their overhead. By agreeing to team up with MPA, partner agencies submit their current customer database to a secure, cloud-based upload link. Each customer is then assigned a unique URL that is returned to the partner agency for distribution on an individual or full customer list basis with a personal invitation to explore specialty coverages available.

  • Market Direct SmarterFORM® begins by creating customer unique hyperlinks which connect to individual pre-filled applications
  • These applications can be completed by the customer using a smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Customers simply click their unique hyperlink, answer necessary underwriting questions, digitally sign and pay, and their policies are delivered within minutes
  • Market Direct SmarterFORM® allows producers to more profitably handle small accounts due to its highly automated billing and document delivery system

Market Direct SmarterFORM®’s Key Deliverables

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  • Become an MPA Partner – Reach out to MPA today to obtain an easy-to-follow checklist on how to get started and what coverages you can choose to offer your customers Click Here
  • Create Custom URL’s – Upon securing a partnership agreement, send a standard CSV spreadsheet of your desired current customers’ emails and approved product offerings
  • Pre-filled Applications Delivered – MPA’s secure cloud technology will convert your customer’s spreadsheet into individual unique URL’s for “pre-filled” application requests
  • Election to Purchase Policies – All customers receiving the personal invitation to use the online “pre-fill” application system, merely answer a few local exposure questions and application is instantly processed
  • Profitability – Under Your Control – Upon quote acceptance and credit card approval, policy is instantly bound and emailed to your customers with simultaneous notification to the partner agency of policy sale and commission earned