How to Rehire Quickly for Amusement & Entertainment Businesses

Rehiring and rehiring fast is on the top of amusement and entertainment owners and operators, thanks to the pandemic. The demand for getting out of the house and getting into theme parks, waterparks, and more could shock unprepared operators unless they develop a contingency plan. 

Make a plan for rehiring

Many amusement businesses across the country are already open and in need of staff. Create action plans for what’s ahead for the season. The goal is to prepare for multiple scenarios: 

  • Opening delays
  • Not opening for the 2021 year
  • Partial openings
  • Preparing for the next business cycle

Recruiting methods

Training a new employee versus rehiring someone from a previous season is expensive – almost six times more. Former employees know their roles and add instant value to facilities. They are also great resources for recruiting new hires. 

Managers should make efforts to contact past employees and let them know when the business is open again. 

If the business is already open, plan for next year by creating communication channels like emails to keep up with past and potential employees. 

New call-to-action

New interviewing process

This past year saw new interviewing processes for many businesses like video interviews and additional technology methods. Social media, websites, and more can connect owners and operators to candidates. 

Virtual interviews are easy to set up and allows for a larger pool of candidates. Open interview days are another option. Using social media and additional digital communication channels will help speed up the online application process. Another creative interviewing method some operators have used is ticket booths. These booths allow for social distancing, and if the right candidate shows up, owners and managers can complete the hiring process on the spot. 

The competition for hiring talented staff will be stiff. Managers and owners can offer signing bonuses and incentives to current staff that refers candidates.

Managing risks and staying compliant 

Compliance is vital no matter how fast hiring occurs. Skipping steps will lead to more risk. Following the Fair Labor Standard Act, which establishes minimum wage, record-keeping requirements, overtime pay, and more, is essential. 

Owners and operators may have additional questions about insurance and update or upgrade current insurance coverage with the changing environment. The McGowan Amusement & Entertainment Insurance Program delivers loss-control services and coverage to a variety of eligible classes. Learn more about our program and how we can help amusement businesses grow. 

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